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Our mission is to bind one and all by a common thread of interest: Aussie rules.

At the heart of every individual, regardless of one’s capabilities and talents is a sports-star who wishes to be recognized at a distinct level.

British Knights is dedicated to realizing the dream of every individual who espouses to become an Aussie Rules sportsman by giving him a platform on which to showcase his talent amidst an enthusiastic, driven and enterprising team of Footy players who battle hard and compete fairly at their sports events.

Driven to perform and willing to outdo the competition, we are a fast growing Aussie Rules club level team. Ensuring the team have driven training techniques and use the best gym equipment effectively helps us achieve results.

We are located at the heart of Sydney, one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities that you will ever find in this part of the continent. Our passion is to convert the mass following of Aussie rules, commonly known as footy into a spectacle commanding an incredible fan following. We organize local competitive league tournaments at the most popular stadiums nestled at the heart of the city. We welcome and look forward to increasing participation from individuals from all walks of life. There is just one plain and simple criterion! Never mind your body structure. You needn’t be an imposing athlete or a swift mover on the grass. If you love the sport and can connect to it just as a sportsman does with the feeling of triumphing with zest, then we believe you have it what it takes to be a part of our famous British Knights team. We owe much of our team’s success to a bludgeoning tally of tournaments, at which we have prospered time and time again. Our club’s history is laden with a rich legacy of memorable triumphs since the inception of the team in the year 2010. It has been a great journey of almost five years of continuous victories all around Sydney in every competitive league.

At British Knights team, we introduce many fitness courses and take due care of the health and other medical concerns affecting the lives of our enthusiastic sports persons. We have a specialized unit whose expertise lies in tackling sports injuries, conditioning and who offer unique and effective massage courses to treat ailments and making your mind and body relaxed. This along with suggesting people use a most trusted health retreat NSW has to offer and this has helped tremendously.

If you are a visitor to the club, then you mustn’t leave without paying visit to our champion’s gallery: an exclusive hall dedicated to the many triumphs our passionate sports-stars have garnered for us over the years. The sprawling display cabinet boasts of prestigious trophies that are centered on hallmark triumphs in many stadiums.

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